Organically Grown

Once In a Blue Moon Berries

Once in a...Blue Moon Berries

 uses Organic practices to grow  

Our Blueberries to bring the best to our customers and protect the environment !

Our Family Owned farm has worked very hard these last 8 years to allow us to grow  the healthiest berry possible. We are working with our experts to ensure and keep the field full of the proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins keeping the plants healthy.  

 Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact while protecting our crops. We use only OMRI certified Organic products here at the farm. We pull weeds by hand to make sure and protect our environment!!!!


Please check our Facebook page for daily updates!

Please don't hesitate to  call if you have any questions

Please feel free next to have a 

family picnic - scouts night out - girls night - bring "snacks"...

the possibilities are endless : ) just call

Please call Janet for any  questions


We are a U-pick farm 

Blueberry Tip:

When storing berries in the refrigerator, don't wash them until you are ready to use them,,,They will last longer that way.

If you wash them for freezing, make sure they are thoroughly dry and cool before bagging for freezing.

U-Pick Blueberries

The Suttles Family, Mike, Janet,

Missy & Jeff, Michaelle & Wayne & Deano 

would like to introduce to you.....

Our U-Pick Blueberry farm right here in El Dorado Hills.

Our children, nieces and nephews  Neighbors

and family have helped us plant and nurture our

650 blueberry plants.

 From cultivation to planting and everything in between we have all worked together to make 

our little farm a reality. 

 We invite You and Your children to come share in this unique experience to see....

        "Where do Blueberries come from ?"

We'll show you..... We supply the buckets and teach you how to pick....come explore our field and pick some for yourself.....

Blueberries are just Yummy all by themselves...

Eat them by the handfuls....put them in fresh fruit smoothies, in your yogurt... on your oatmeal or cereal or sorbets they are a great addition to your leafy greens......and much more.

And of course the baking opportunities are out of this world !  Muffins, Pies, Cobblers..PANCAKES !!! Just to name a few ! So we hope to see you sooon!! 

It is a good idea to wear a hat, ANDyour comfortable CLOSED "TOAD" shoes ARE A MUST to walk in the field to pick your berries. Drink plenty of water.....

 We want everyone to have a great experience. 

 You have probably heard the phrase:

Once in a Blue Moon.........

Is it really Blue?  You can imagine it to be..

There is talk that once a volcano put so much volcanic ash in the atmosphere that the moon actually looked blue....and the phrase was coined...but actually.....  

A "Blue Moon" is the second full moon in a calendar month. Usually only occurring once every three years.....So a blue Moon therefore is known as something......... "Rare and Exquisite"

All of us here at.....

Once in a.. Blue Moon Berries

Dedicate the meaning behind our name to two rare and exquisite people who graced our lives... 

Our sister Patty - Maddie and Andrew's mommy...

 And to Our niece Kennedy who will forever be 12

dancing on those clouds....sending kisses on those moon beams. all the rare and exquisite loved ones in your lives. xo